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NIN – The Slip

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احدى اجمل الأغنيات شعرا و لحنا
أداء أميمة بصوتها الرائع و مارسيل بعزفه السحري
يجعل لهذه الأغنية جزءا من قلبي
Usfoor (A Bird)
One of the best songs in lyrics and composition
Oumima’s amazing vocal gift and Marcel’s oud playing
gives this song a place in my heart


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I was touched by a response to one of my posts,

Dear Muslim Brothers:
Aslam-o-Alaikum, I am very sad after listening this news but did not see yet. I am also Bangali but can you think, all bangali muslims can be same? I cant dare to do such sin even in my own country due to fear of Allah. Please dont discriminate us due to such incident and punish all our nation by such animal behavior of only 5 Criminal Bangalis. Even in Bagladesh, We have Good and Bad people & even in Saudi Arabia, Good and bad people are there. So, dont push our poor people back to our own country with empty hand. I request you to treat us as Muslim not Jews. We have lots of hopes here for support and help because culturely we have been surrounded by Hindus and Budhs. Our country is very poor and it will go into bad economic conditions after deporting us from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. May Allah give us Haddayat. Ameen (A Bangali’s Appeal)

To clarify, I am not against Bengalis working in Saudi Arabia or anywhere else. Let me assure you that Bengalis are usually viewed as peaceful people, but the fact that Bengladish some how exports low-wage workers from their prisons is not a good idea for the image of the good people of Bengladish. There are many Bengali workers in foreign countries, and they should be rewarded with good living conditions and hospitality to insure that they feel greatful to the countries in which they work. Treatment of foreigners -and especially low wage workers- by the general public plays an important role in strengthening the ties and reduces the rate of crimes committed; clearly, the people of the GCC countries have a high rate of discriminating against foreign workers. If this problem is treated and people start respecting low-wage foreign workers, then the workers themselves will have less motives to commit crimes against the citizens.

Get your dose of Buddhism

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The vast majority of Muslims do not know anything about Buddhism except its name, and that Buddha is a piece of clay that Buddhists worship! While Muslims very well understand Islam, Christianity, and Judaism -to an extent- they have fallen short of understanding the Asian and far-eastern teachings and religions merely because of the fact that “they are very convinced that their religion is true” and that Buddha is a man made god that cannot save itself if it fell on the floor. The average Muslim is taught to think of Buddha -and other idols- simply as a man made god with no regard to the rich teachings, history, and culture that sprung from the mind of a philosopher who would have become a good friend of Muslim thinkers if given the chance.. While Buddhism is genuinely historically uninfluenced by the three monotheistic religions, it does not -at its core- differ from the teachings of Mohammad, Jesus, Moses, or Abraham (pbut). In fact, Buddhist teachings do seem very similar to Sufi Islam! The emphasis on self observation, meditation, states of consciousness, etc are all common factors between Buddhist teachings and Sufi Islam. I -as a Muslim- broke the rules and learned about Buddhism and found it very enlightening and spiritual! I learned that Buddha was a great teacher, not a man made god as I have been taught at school..


Thanks to Alan Watts’ podcast -which I listen to on daily basis via my iPod- and freely available Buddhist texts and wiki pages on the net. I found my way to learning about Buddhism through Watts’ podcast, it has become a habit to relax at bedtime and have my dose of Buddhism through the earphones.. The lectures are very calming and spiritual, and Alan Watts’ seems to have the appropriate voice and tone to make his Buddhist lectures enjoyable at bedtime. There’s much more to Buddhism than I ever imagined, make sure you get your dose of Buddhism because you will find it enlightening..

Salam ya 3alam,

My first lines

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Frankly, this is not the only blog I have started..
I now can only remember about 6 blogs which I have created in the past and left to rot in the blogosphere, hopefully someone will clean up after me and I pray to the lord (Allah, in my case) to forgive me for the mess I have created. The reason I created numerous blogs is because I have always felt the need to express my myself and share my thoughts with the world. Well, whatever I wrote in past blogs was not well presented as I wanted. I simply did not know what to blog about, there were hundreds and hundreds of topics and discussion fields I can engage in, but my true desire was to present a blog that is new, unique, and serves a purpose.

This afternoon, I sat on on the furry, white ikea couch in my living room after cleaning up my apartment.. It kind of comforted me and gave me the warmth I needed after washing the kitchen counters and having the windows open for ventilation. I started thinking that maybe I actually cared a little too much in the past about how to present my blog, maybe if I think about myself, deep inside, and write about everything I will then be satisfied with my personal wall on the internet.

Ah! Creating a blog for myself!
I leaned back, took a deap breath, reached for my lighter, lit up a cigarette, and sipped on my ice green tea (what a combination).. I thought about starting a blog dedicated to the dream which every Arab and every human being on our planet dreams of.. I dedicate this blog to my dream of a new age of enlightenment in the Middle East and an everlastinng peace all over the world.