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Finally, Saudi women allowed to drive

Posted in News, Only in Saudi Arabia on March 17, 2008 by Arabilluminist

The Saudi government has passed a bill to decriminalize female driving on Saudi streets, a major Saudi news website reported today. The bill also clarifies the guidelines for female drivers (must be over 30 years of age, allowed to drive in the cities alone, and with a legal relative elsewhere) and the punishments for those who interfere with driving women. A member of the government (Majlis Al-Shura) added that women will have to carry a cellular phone to contact the female police force (since when did we have female police over there?!) in case of emergency; upon applying for their driver’s license, female drivers will have to pay a mandatory fee for on-road service to have their cars fixed, tires repaired, etc.. to insure their safety from other drivers who might be on the lookout for women on the road side. The Majlis has also recommended establishing female police units within cities, monitored by the religious police of course, and a free hot-line service to help female drivers in need of any sort of help. A study conducted by the Majlis further demanded that citizens who dare to speak to a female driver be punished by 1 month in prison and a fine, those who harrass a female driver in any way will -on the other hand- serve 8 months in prison and pay a hefty fine.

Cheers Saudi girls, welcome to the jungle! Stay Safe

Update [5:45pm E.T]: has deleted the news article in about 15 minutes of the original posting time! It looks like they still can’t go public with their article yet.. But I indeed can, right?

Update [1:00am E.T – March 20th]:



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I was touched by a response to one of my posts,

Dear Muslim Brothers:
Aslam-o-Alaikum, I am very sad after listening this news but did not see yet. I am also Bangali but can you think, all bangali muslims can be same? I cant dare to do such sin even in my own country due to fear of Allah. Please dont discriminate us due to such incident and punish all our nation by such animal behavior of only 5 Criminal Bangalis. Even in Bagladesh, We have Good and Bad people & even in Saudi Arabia, Good and bad people are there. So, dont push our poor people back to our own country with empty hand. I request you to treat us as Muslim not Jews. We have lots of hopes here for support and help because culturely we have been surrounded by Hindus and Budhs. Our country is very poor and it will go into bad economic conditions after deporting us from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. May Allah give us Haddayat. Ameen (A Bangali’s Appeal)

To clarify, I am not against Bengalis working in Saudi Arabia or anywhere else. Let me assure you that Bengalis are usually viewed as peaceful people, but the fact that Bengladish some how exports low-wage workers from their prisons is not a good idea for the image of the good people of Bengladish. There are many Bengali workers in foreign countries, and they should be rewarded with good living conditions and hospitality to insure that they feel greatful to the countries in which they work. Treatment of foreigners -and especially low wage workers- by the general public plays an important role in strengthening the ties and reduces the rate of crimes committed; clearly, the people of the GCC countries have a high rate of discriminating against foreign workers. If this problem is treated and people start respecting low-wage foreign workers, then the workers themselves will have less motives to commit crimes against the citizens.

Religious police conspire against Saudi professor

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Wanna know how nasty the religious police is over there? well, read on my friend.. read on
I am not in favor of AlArabiya news website, nor their disgusting propaganda driven writers and staff. But I very much like how they continuously expose how smelly those so-called religious bastards are! Not only does AlArabiya cover their terrible crimes, but a lot of their articles are written in a way to convey a message, and this time their message is written also written plainly in the sub-title which reads “He accused them of conspiracy”.

The story goes like this:

The court of Mecca ruled to imprison an academian for 8 months and be lashed 180 times for being in private with a female student in a coffee shop, the professor and the student were caught by the religious police in a local Mecca cafe. The university professor rejected the rule and said that he “met the student upon her request since the problem she encountered cannot be solved but in person; he asked her to come with her brother but she arrived by herself“, he also added that “he was surprised to see the religious police surrounding him in only a few minutes“. Further more, the man mentioned that “those who arrested him hated him because they received poor grades and failed as they were former students of his. The general manager of Mecca religious police denied the conspiracy and insisted that “the religious police members are more noble than doing such conspiracies”!

I can imagine those failed students turned terrorists asking a female student of the teacher to play her part; the conspiracy is very obvious in this case! The students failed and hated the teacher, they join the religious police and maybe hear a female of their relatives mentioning the teacher’s name after a couple years, then put together a plan to arrest him. There is also no mention of the girl’s punishment by the court nor by the article, which really confirms that the whole story is a conspiracy!

One more thing, how can a public coffee shop be so private anyway?!

Please salute the conspirers of death: The failing students, the general manager of Mecca’s religious police, and their prostitute.

More on the anonymous girl rape video..

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It looks like the best way Saudis improve their life and their country is through public shock, anger, and internal pressure. This has been the case with “The Qatif Girl” rape incident which shook the world when the victim was sentenced to 200 lashes and prison time and then pardoned by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia; well, Saudis were never more furious as this time with the “The anonymous girl” raped by 5 Bengalis because this time there was a heartbreaking video (I’ve received the video long before, but did not want to be the first to publicly display it on the internet)

Soon after the news was made public, Saudis created a facebook group labeled The national campaign for the struggle against Bengalis“, shared related articles and news, and suggested cures for the mass trauma caused by individuals belonging to an ethnic group which has been long thought of as “poor peaceful people”. Around the 11th of Janurary, many Saudi journalists, newspapers, and online news websites published articles which concluded that:

  • The Bengali council: “Our citizens count 1.5 million in Saudi, and the number will double soon”
  • The bengali council: “We have recieved no official complaints regarding our citizens status or behavior”
  • The Bengali council accused Saudi journalists of demonizing Bengali workers

Clearly, the intent of such articles -especially that they were published soon after the rape video case- is to further intimidate the Saudi public and persuade Saudi officials to do something about the illegal Bengali aliens whose crimes became almost impossible to fight. Eventually, the pressure caused by Saudis -along with journalists, campaigns, and bloggers- succeeded to convinced the authorities to completely stop all further importing of Bengali workforce.

  • The ministry of labor prepared a “secret?” study to temporarily stop importing Bengali workers, leading to a complete prohibition.
  • Bengali engineers and doctors only will be allowed to work in Saudi
  • Companies and firms will only be allowed a maximum of 20% of Bengali employees.

While the ministry of labor’s decision was a relief to Saudis since it will help stop the increase of crimes, many rejoiced as this will hopefully provide more work for unemployed Saudis in their own country.

Valentine’s in Saudi Arabia

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Remember, if “anyone” catches you with it..
I don’t know you n’ you don’t know me…

A Productive Nation

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They say we’re a non-productive nation!!!
Move it kids!


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The Saudi masses were recently struck by a video clip that spread across mobile phones of an anonymous Saudi girl, kidnapped and raped by 5 Bengali men, the video shows four Bengalis tightly holding an adult girl despite her resistance and heart breaking screams. The video -shot by one of the wolves, never shown- appears to have been shot in a rural area, inside a room where the rapists placed a blanket in preparation for their horrifying crime. Al Riyadh newspaper was the first to address the crime in public media:

The official police spokesman in the Eastern region Yousif AlQahtani stated that they have not received any report of the rape case from anyone regarding the blue tooth shared video.

While the rape victim remains anonymous, no one knows if she is still being held captive, killed, or released and preferred to keep quiet to avoid social degradation or even to save her own life. The crime came to public knowledge shortly after the infamous Qatif girl rape case, when a Saudi girl was raped by her ex boyfriend and was sentenced to 200 lashes and a few months in prison then released by an order from King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia after world shaking anger imposed social and political pressure.

Kuwait has just recently celebrated deporting the last Bengali back to his country, the majority of the Bengali foreign workforce in Gulf countries has been known to be prison graduates whom their country rids itself of. Saudi Arabia employs about 2 million Bengalis as cheap labor for a massive number of jobs while the Saudi unemployment rate is unofficially reported to have reached 35%, the case is therefore expected to raise voices of demands to deport all Bengali cheap labor outside Saudi.