It’s been 1,250 days since my last post!

It has been 1,250 days since my last post on the 9th of May 2008.

As I am writing right now I’m reminded of what my life was like when I started blogging. I was forced to leave this blog and focus on crucial matters that had to be resolved.

Thankfully, I’ve come a long way and during that time I’ve always longed to have the free time to relax and share what’s on my mind with the world. I was reading some news on the internet about a month ago and felt the urge of wanting to blog about it, that’s when I realized I’d forgotten the login information to my blog!

I spent an hour trying to figure out what email I used and which of my many passwords was associated with the account. Resetting the password without the actual email associated with the account does not work. I gave up after some time and decided to leave it for a later time until I can find the email somewhere else.

Today, I was reading in one of my journals and found the email written in pencil on the side of the page the day I decided to create the blog and the quest began to find a name for it. That day, I used my journal to come up with the name “The Arab Illuminist”.

I am very excited to finally have the time to blog again and really happy to have this blog back.

~The Arab Illuminist

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