Keeping America Clean! – Good Job

**Personal thoughts to be added soon..**
From my university e-mail box:
“All sorts of names have been changed”
Letter# 1
From: Chief of Police
Sent: Wed 02/04/2008 03:23 PM
Subject: Crime Alert – Suspicious Person

At approx. 1:45 PM today, Wednesday, 4-2-08, a female student reported that she was approached by an unknown Middle Eastern male on Salem St. in the vicinity of the Salem St. apartments at approx. 1:20 PM. He tried to engage her in conversation, talking first about religion and Darwin’s theory of Evolution, and then made several sexually explicit remarks giving the student the impression that he was attempting to solicit sexual favors.
The subject, who was last seen walking east on Salem St., is further described as being approx. 30 years old, dark complexion, mustache, thick Middle Eastern accent, wearing a tan sweater, dress pants and was carrying a camera. He also mentioned that he had a sister who lived in an apartment in nearby.

Anyone with information concerning this subject is asked to call the University Police Dept. at 555-4202

Chief of Police

Letter #2
From: Chief of Police
Sent: Thu 03/04/2008 03:41 PM
Subject: Update to Suspicious Person Crime Alert issued on 4-2-08

The suspicious person described as a Middle Eastern male, approx. 30 years of age, in the Crime Alert issued on 4-2-08 has been identified and issued a Trespass notice banning him from campus. If he returns to campus he is subject to on-sight arrest for Criminal Trespass in the First Degree.
Since no criminal charges have been filed we cannot release his identity and photograph at this time. He is scheduled to return to his native Pakistan on Friday, 4-11-08, and it is not believed that he poses any further threat to the University Community.

Chief of Police

**Personal thoughts to be added soon..**

2 Responses to “Keeping America Clean! – Good Job”

  1. Middle Easterner, from Pakistan? Can someone get these idiots a map?

    Also, how can someone be banned from a campus if they have committed no crime? Here in the USA we are innocent until proven guilty. There is an assumption here that the guy is guilty.

    Guilty of being Muslim?

  2. Hi AbuSinan,

    I am in the process of writing my thoughts too 😉
    hmm.. let me send you a link I found last night,,

    Thanks for passing by,

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