Get your dose of Buddhism


The vast majority of Muslims do not know anything about Buddhism except its name, and that Buddha is a piece of clay that Buddhists worship! While Muslims very well understand Islam, Christianity, and Judaism -to an extent- they have fallen short of understanding the Asian and far-eastern teachings and religions merely because of the fact that “they are very convinced that their religion is true” and that Buddha is a man made god that cannot save itself if it fell on the floor. The average Muslim is taught to think of Buddha -and other idols- simply as a man made god with no regard to the rich teachings, history, and culture that sprung from the mind of a philosopher who would have become a good friend of Muslim thinkers if given the chance.. While Buddhism is genuinely historically uninfluenced by the three monotheistic religions, it does not -at its core- differ from the teachings of Mohammad, Jesus, Moses, or Abraham (pbut). In fact, Buddhist teachings do seem very similar to Sufi Islam! The emphasis on self observation, meditation, states of consciousness, etc are all common factors between Buddhist teachings and Sufi Islam. I -as a Muslim- broke the rules and learned about Buddhism and found it very enlightening and spiritual! I learned that Buddha was a great teacher, not a man made god as I have been taught at school..


Thanks to Alan Watts’ podcast -which I listen to on daily basis via my iPod- and freely available Buddhist texts and wiki pages on the net. I found my way to learning about Buddhism through Watts’ podcast, it has become a habit to relax at bedtime and have my dose of Buddhism through the earphones.. The lectures are very calming and spiritual, and Alan Watts’ seems to have the appropriate voice and tone to make his Buddhist lectures enjoyable at bedtime. There’s much more to Buddhism than I ever imagined, make sure you get your dose of Buddhism because you will find it enlightening..

Salam ya 3alam,

7 Responses to “Get your dose of Buddhism”

  1. I was here

    and its nice that you want to learn and understand the others religions.
    I dont know about the calming and spiritual that buddhism can give BUT I know few stories about them.
    thank you


  2. Thanks for the post. I do think that I believe the same as you do in regards to Buddhism. It’s such a shame that the majority of Muslims have disregard for Buddhism. Many people regard them nothing but idol worshipers! I was curious to know about Buddhism until I got a book that tells history and teachings of Buddha, which I find it very close to Sufism.

  3. I admire your courage in admitting that as a Muslim you have not only become interested in another faith but have learned about it and even taken a bedtime dose! In some circles, that would put you out of the fold.

    I prefer to think that you have enlarged the circle.

    Thank you for observing that, “…it does not -at its core- differ from the teachings of Mohammad, Jesus, Moses, or Abraham (pbut).”

  4. Salaam, I suppose as someone who converted to Islam from Christianity it would come as no surprise to learn that I studied the Eastern religions heavily before I found Islam. I never did study them with the intent of practising but with the intent of searching for similarities and better ways of living, ie meditation etc.

    I have great respect for the study that the eastern religions- particularly Buddhism- have done on chakras and energy currents in the body. I don’t personally believe that those ideas are against Islam. Surely there are things that only God knows such as how He created our bodies and the flow of energy through them, trying to understand it by studying the Buddhist ideas on the subject, doesn’t negate our belief or worship of our One God.

    Its nice to know I’m not alone.

    The Tao Te Ching was one of my favorite reads, not just from the poetry side of it, but some of the wonderful ideas. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

  5. Thank you so much for trying to help Muslims get a better understanding of Buddhism. This can only result mutual respect. For more on the subject have a look at my

  6. I am emailing this website to ask permission to use the picture above in a powerpoint presentation for my AP Human Geography class. I would greatly appreciate the approval of whoever has copyright over this photo.

  7. My fellow on Facebook shared this link and I’m not dissapointed that I came here.

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