Religious police conspire against Saudi professor

Wanna know how nasty the religious police is over there? well, read on my friend.. read on
I am not in favor of AlArabiya news website, nor their disgusting propaganda driven writers and staff. But I very much like how they continuously expose how smelly those so-called religious bastards are! Not only does AlArabiya cover their terrible crimes, but a lot of their articles are written in a way to convey a message, and this time their message is written also written plainly in the sub-title which reads “He accused them of conspiracy”.

The story goes like this:

The court of Mecca ruled to imprison an academian for 8 months and be lashed 180 times for being in private with a female student in a coffee shop, the professor and the student were caught by the religious police in a local Mecca cafe. The university professor rejected the rule and said that he “met the student upon her request since the problem she encountered cannot be solved but in person; he asked her to come with her brother but she arrived by herself“, he also added that “he was surprised to see the religious police surrounding him in only a few minutes“. Further more, the man mentioned that “those who arrested him hated him because they received poor grades and failed as they were former students of his. The general manager of Mecca religious police denied the conspiracy and insisted that “the religious police members are more noble than doing such conspiracies”!

I can imagine those failed students turned terrorists asking a female student of the teacher to play her part; the conspiracy is very obvious in this case! The students failed and hated the teacher, they join the religious police and maybe hear a female of their relatives mentioning the teacher’s name after a couple years, then put together a plan to arrest him. There is also no mention of the girl’s punishment by the court nor by the article, which really confirms that the whole story is a conspiracy!

One more thing, how can a public coffee shop be so private anyway?!

Please salute the conspirers of death: The failing students, the general manager of Mecca’s religious police, and their prostitute.

4 Responses to “Religious police conspire against Saudi professor”

  1. Al-Arabiya always cover for them. What would you expect from a Saudi run channel after all !

  2. Abo Hosain Says:

    The main problem is that the government itself has given them full

    authority, and the most shocking thing is that they think they’re

    really religious …. the’ye nothing but DIRT BAGS …!!!

  3. Yousuf Q Says:

    Assalaamu 3laikum Wara7matullahi Wabarakatuh !!

    Well quite interesting stuff you have here. Like the effort you’re making. Regarding the following post of yours, well like that Bengali brother said of ours that every country has good and bad, I think it is exactly the same with the religious police. You may say Majority of them or Most of them but cannot generalize all of them. I personally have met both sides. One who screamed at us to pray Isha while we were in our shorts sweating during soccer. Other was when I was in a family only mall alone with my cousin, who greeted me very nicely and requested us to join our families cuz the guards in the mall would cause problems to us.
    I understand such stuff makes everyone angry, but you cannot categorize the whole group or organisation like that. We never know what is inside the person.
    Again, Im not in full support of them.
    Thank you for your time and take care

  4. I think that you have just run into the wrong group of religious police !! well here’s there story the majority of them now i say majority because 70 percent of them were arrested and learned but not fully comprehended “The Quran” this allowed to them to get a lighter jail sentence. Now when a person goes to jail its kind of hard to get a job that pays well with a jail record, so they move on to being releigious police. i hope you understand why all the violence and fuss and since nobody likes them they wouldnt try to figure out why they’re so carried away and too strict with this peaceful religion of Islam……….. anyways thanks for your comments on this topic

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