Valentine’s in Saudi Arabia



Remember, if “anyone” catches you with it..
I don’t know you n’ you don’t know me…

3 Responses to “Valentine’s in Saudi Arabia”

  1. Riyadh is a dull place..jeddah n dammam are rather the happening places..i see some cute couples in riyadh times pity em too.hahaha..but dats life..:-)

  2. haha!

    I concur my friend! Every statement you wrote is correct.. Riyadh (the place and the people) are mostly kind of dull, depressing, and “backwards” if you will..

    I see the beauty of the Saudi people in Jeddah and Dammam and also the people of Qatif and Al Khubar..

  3. اقول وش المل في السعوديه انت وياه وياه اصلا للمعلوميه مو بس في الرياض حتى في الدمام والخبر والقطيف وجده مافيه فلنتاين وما فلنتاين

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