Saudi: AIDS chef & restaurant back to work!

Two days ago, I came across the following news article..
A Bengali infected with with AIDS arrested working in a Saudi restaurant:
The Riyadh police task force arrested an alien working in a restaurant who was infected with AIDS, and who also didn’t seem to care about it. The arrest was made after receiving information about a Bengali who was tested positive with AIDS during the process of issuing him a medical card, but he continued to work in Riyadh with no regard at all to his medical condition. Information supplied that he entered Saudi with a ‘personal driver’ visa requested by a Saudi woman, and was found working in a Saudi authentic and fast food restaurant. The Riyadh police unit handed over the Bengali to “proper authorities” to be punished according to the law and then sent back to his country. Further more, the restaurant was closed and investigations were opened to find out how he was allowed/managed to work there.
– Various sources.
I also found this article in my email, just a few hours ago:
AIDS infected Bengali released, back to work in restaurant:
Sabaq received information that the Bengali arrested for illegally working in a Saudi restaurant while tested positive for AIDS was released and he is now back to the restaurant serving authentic Saudi food. The “proper authorities” provided the excuse that “his case is not a felony and does not require detaining him or sending him back to his country”. The Bengali managed to work in a restaurant without a medical card, which is one of the primary documents required to work…”
Amazing country, isn’t it?

One Response to “Saudi: AIDS chef & restaurant back to work!”

  1. I noticed that this is not the first time at all that you mention the topic. Why have you chosen it again?

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