My first lines

Frankly, this is not the only blog I have started..
I now can only remember about 6 blogs which I have created in the past and left to rot in the blogosphere, hopefully someone will clean up after me and I pray to the lord (Allah, in my case) to forgive me for the mess I have created. The reason I created numerous blogs is because I have always felt the need to express my myself and share my thoughts with the world. Well, whatever I wrote in past blogs was not well presented as I wanted. I simply did not know what to blog about, there were hundreds and hundreds of topics and discussion fields I can engage in, but my true desire was to present a blog that is new, unique, and serves a purpose.

This afternoon, I sat on on the furry, white ikea couch in my living room after cleaning up my apartment.. It kind of comforted me and gave me the warmth I needed after washing the kitchen counters and having the windows open for ventilation. I started thinking that maybe I actually cared a little too much in the past about how to present my blog, maybe if I think about myself, deep inside, and write about everything I will then be satisfied with my personal wall on the internet.

Ah! Creating a blog for myself!
I leaned back, took a deap breath, reached for my lighter, lit up a cigarette, and sipped on my ice green tea (what a combination).. I thought about starting a blog dedicated to the dream which every Arab and every human being on our planet dreams of.. I dedicate this blog to my dream of a new age of enlightenment in the Middle East and an everlastinng peace all over the world.


2 Responses to “My first lines”

  1. May Allah support you in this effort. The reality of which you dream is not inconceivable, but certainly seems so, most of the time.

    No one knows the future. This blog could go further than you think.

  2. I think you have now hit on the best reason to start a blog! 🙂

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